The Dangers of Diets in the Digital Age!

We live in an age when everyone is a self-proclaimed health expert.

Every month media writes about a new popular diet, and soon it has it´s followers, all spreading the “truths” they learn on the Internet.

I am in no way an expert – I have no degree in nutrition or dietetics. When I decided to write about my food journey and my recipes, I was very much “in love” with my new dietary choices. And I still am! But on the other hand, I have become increasingly aware of the dangers of just echoing other peoples truths about food and health. In worst case I am nothing more than a walking advertisment for someone else´s FAD diet!

The more I read about food and health, the less I know! What I DO know is that I would really like to study these things for real. Nutrition and dietetics! Should I claim to know anything, I should at least have real knowledge and facts on my side – not just echo the last thing I read on a blog somewhere…

All claims on this blog reflect my personal opinion, and doesn´t nessecarily reflect the truth. I seek the truth – I do not own it. Nevertheless, it is my belief to this date that the studies I link to are reliable. But I could be wrong!

Seek your own truth, and never buy what others say just because they say it! And never believe news media! I mean never! Most articles about the latest research doesn´t even cite the findings correctly. And they always exclude the “more research needs to be done”-part…

I would also recommend to never listen to gurus, but instead to look for what science actually says. Your health is not a matter of opinion. For instance, even if your opinion is that cigarettes and coke is healthy – it is still bad for your body – and it will react to a large amount of coke and cigarettes in a certain way, regardless of what you think about it. And that is still true even if you choose to not look things up yourself and instead choose to blindly believe in a guru on the Internet… – because your body might actually choose to not share your opinion…

There is some really good points in this forum thread by Jeff Novick called “The Importance of Evidence” that I highly recommend about the matter:

Jeff Novick: The Importance of Evidence

Earlier today, I decided to edit a few of my posts on this blog, because I think I sounded a bit too sure about the facts. I still believe in things like choosing foods low in calorie density and high in nutrient density, I still believe in eating a plant-centered diet, I still believe in keeping the refined fats and sugars down and I still believe in the low FODMAP approach to be a good tool for many people with IBS. But I honestly don´t know. Time will tell if I stick to these ideas. Probably I will, at least roughly! More than one and a half year since I started this Whole Foods Plant Based way of eating – I am still going strong! 😀