The usefulness of seitan!

Making your own seitan meat is perfect since you can decide on the ingredients yourself! This way I can get tasty vegan meat, and keep it both low in fodmaps and low-fat! You… Continue reading

Vegan mock duck wok!

This is almost the same low fodmaps wok as yesterday, but with Taiwanese vegan mock duck instead of tofu! For low fodmaps, limit the broccoli intake to 50g/meal!

Simple low fodmaps wok

I made a simple wok today, with fodmaps-approved ingredients. Tofu, carrots, peppers, chili, ginger, spinach and the green part of scallion – marinated in japanese soy sauce, grated ginger, peanut butter, maple syrup… Continue reading

Seitan Carbonara!

I made a carbonara from my home-made seitan! This dish is a little bit more fatty than my usual stuff. I cut the seitan in small cubes, and fried it in oil, red… Continue reading

My first home-made seitan!

For the first time I made seitan from wheat protein. Although from wheat, the protein is low in fodmaps, due to no fibers. I made a dough from wheat protein, paprika, white pepper,… Continue reading

Tofu stroganoff – vegan & low fodmaps!

I marinated tofu overnight in japanese soy sauce, ancho chili, paprika, white pepper, chives and liquid smoke, to get a sausagey flavour! Then I fried it a bit with fresh green chili, and… Continue reading

Tofu bolognese!

I made a vegan bolognese by crumble some tofu by hand (instead of soy mince), together with celeriac, carrots, red wine, crushed tomatoes, bay leaf and white pepper!

Low fodmap vegan tortilla dinner!

In Sweden there is a term called “fredagsmys” which roughly translates to “Friday’s Coziness” – a term referring to a pretty new-founded Swedish tradition of eating tacos or tortillas watching television with your… Continue reading

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