Seitan carbonara with green peas!

I love seitan! Although made of wheat gluten, seitan is fodmaps-approved because it doesn’t contain the fibers from wheat, in which you find the oligo-saccharides that is causing excess gas in the gut… Continue reading

Raw lineseed crackers with brazilnut dip!

It’s so easy to make these wonderful crackers! Just add some water to lineseeds (a lot), sunflower seeds (less) and pumpkin seeds (less) and then spread out on a baking tray with baking… Continue reading

Fodmaps-approved vegan bolognese PIE with buckwheat crust!

The crust is made of buckwheat flour and water, the filling is a bolognese-style mince made of roughly mixed sundried tomatoes, brazil nuts, walnuts, red bell pepper, hazelnut milk, herbs, black pepper and… Continue reading

Green pea spaghetti!

I “remixed” my pasta with olives and chickpeas from a few days ago, this time with green peas instead of olives and chickpeas! I also had lots of crushed rose pepper on top!… Continue reading

My own müsli!

Sometimes I want to diversify the kinds of breakfast I have, and now when I’ve over-eaten rice cakes with peanut butter and sliced bananas for a while I decided it was time for… Continue reading

Creamy pasta!

To make this creamy pasta low in fodmaps you need to limit the chickpeas. Boil gluten-free spaghetti until it’s al dente. Remove the water, but keep the pasta in the pan. Add a… Continue reading

Yummy tofu scramble!

It’s so easy making a tofu scramble! Crumble down some tofu in a pan, and fry it a little bit. Add rice milk or some other low fodmap vegan milk. Season it with… Continue reading

Really easy low fodmaps vegan pizza!

1. Stir one cup of buckwheat flour in two cups of water, and then boil it to a dough. 2. Use your hands to make it a bottom for your pizza; a pizza… Continue reading

Greens in kombu-dashi!

For the first time I succeded with making a decent kombu-dashi with greens and tofu! A bit of kombu (a kind of seaweed) gave taste to water in which I added greens –… Continue reading

Broccoli and brazil nut steaks!

Today I made steaks from brazilnuts and broccoli, and a few chickpeas, together with lots of awesome vegan and fodmaps-approved seasoning! I limit both broccoli and chickpeas according to the latest fodmaps studies.… Continue reading

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