Continuing the comfort foods: vegan, low fodmaps millet porridge!

Trying out the low FODMAPs diet to treat your Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and missing your big portions of oatmeal? Millet porridge might be one of several low FODMAP alternatives. Yes, you can eat… Continue reading

A low fodmaps LENTIL burger with no-oil potato wedges! (Hclf)

Is it possible yo make a lentil burger that is low in FODMAPs? It seems so. According to my low fodmaps dietician, canned lentils is lower in fodmaps than cooked lentils, and lentils… Continue reading

Vegan low fodmaps comfort food: baked potato with sweet tomato sauce!

Today I’m writing about easy-to-prepare vegan low FODMAPs comfort food! This time I will take the stance that potatoes are from heaven! Well, they might actually be from the earth, but I hope… Continue reading

The EASIEST vegan low fodmaps PASTA! (Low fat, high carb comfort food!)

Oh my God, this is so easy and so tasty! Most of us need comfort foods, something that is easy to prepare, something you can do when you lack inspiration, when you lack… Continue reading

Tempeh in ginger orange sauce and brown rice! Low fat, plant based and low fodmaps!

I am kind of new to tempeh. First time I tried it was because I saw the word “tempeh” appearing in the low FODMAPs lists I got from my dietician. Tempeh, together with… Continue reading

Vegan low FODMAPs springrolls with orange ginger tempeh!

I made my own low fodmaps vegan rice paper spring rolls, stuffed with orange-ginger-marinated pre-cooked tempeh, mint, cilantro, limejuice, cucumber, sprouts and sweet potatoes!

Tofu teriyaki with sushi rice! (Low fodmaps, lowfat, vegan)

I made a tofu teriyaki stew (with no oil) by “frying” tofu, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli and sesame seeds in a tablespoon of water until lightly brown, and applying a low FODMAPs teriyaki sauce… Continue reading

Vegan low FODMAPs ginger orange tofu!

By cutting a bit of tofu in triangles, putting them in the oven together with this awesome ginger orange marinade, you can make a lovely vegan low FODMAPs dish! Marinade: tamari, a little… Continue reading

Awesome vegan low FODMAPs fruitplate breakfast!

According to the low FODMAPs diet you have to restrict fruit until you’ve tested your fructose tolerance, either through a breath-test (not available in Sweden), or by testing how you react to high… Continue reading

Steamed beansprouts and rice!

Steamed beansprouts, white rice, lettuce, scallion (green part), wakame and peanut-infused tamari soy sauce!

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