Low FODMaP fishless “fish gratin” – whole foods plant based with tofu!


I noticed that Fish Gratin is a re-occurent low FODMAPs recipe. But never vegan of course. I decided to veganize it, and base it on mostly whole foods.
The mashed potatoes are based on white potatoes mashed together with it’s own cooking water, thyme and low fodmap vegetable stock.

As “fish” I used blocks of tofu, cut into square pieces. I salted the tofu squares and dried it a bit in the oven, to become more fish-like in the texture.

The cream base is a whole food cream I made myself: brazil nuts + water + spices, mixed in a food processor. Spices were dill, chives, white pepper and low fodmap vegetable stock.

Then I just layered and garnished everything in a gratin pan just like a regular fish gratin, together with some vegetables: haricot vertes, romana tomatoes and fresh herbs (parsley, dill, chives). 

I also added a little wakame seaweed to increase the illusion of foods from the sea.

For a version lower in fat, use oat milk + corn flour instead of brazil nuts for the creamy base. Together with the same flavourings of course.

If you don’t have a low fodmap vegetable stock, you can either make your own – or substitute it with tamari soy sauce + nutritional yeast.

Easy peacy, and tasty!



The “fish




Mashed potatoes

White potatoes

Cooking water

Vegetable stock (low in fodmaps)



Creamy sauce

Brazil nuts


Vegetable stock (low in fodmaps)

White pepper




Additional vegetables and flavourings

Haricot vertes/green beans

Roma tomatoes

Wakame seaweed

Black pepper

Directions, in pictures:

   1. Cut the tofu in squares, salt it, and dry in the oven for a more fish-like texture.

 2. Mash white potatoes with it’s own cooking water together with a hint of low FODMAP vegetable stock (free of garlic and onion). Add the mashed potatoes along the insides of the pan, around the tofu as seen in the picture above.

   3. Add dill, parsley and chives on top of the tofu.

 4. Add haricot vertes/green beans.

   5. Process brazil nuts with water until creamy. Too much water will make it a nut milk, too little water will make it a nut butter. Start with 1:1 and add water as you need to. Flavour with dill, chives, white pepper and low fodmap vegetable stock (with no onions or garlic). Taste, and add more flavours as wanted.

 6. Garnish with chopped tomatoes.

   7. And garnish with whole dill leaves as well.

 8. Add wakame seaweed. Put it in the oven, until the potatoes is golden and the brazil nut cream has thickened somewhat. Sprinkle black pepper and thyme on top, and eat!


It’s tasty even the day after!