Strawberry Brown Rice!


I think I´ve invented a breakfast dish! Creamy “strawberried” brown rice! Tasty, yummie, sweet, mild…!

It is important to choose a softer kind of firm tofu for this recipe. The dryer ones will taste bad and just crumble instead of cream itself with the oat milk. If you tolerate, you can choose a silk tofu (higher in FODMAPs).

This dish reminds me of a swedish phenomenon called “Risi-Frutti”, that is basically a product you can buy in the grocery stores with creamy rice combined with berry jam. But this is a healthy version, with chewy brown rice and a tofu-based cream instead of regular animal cream! And try to keep the sweetening low – rather add more ripe strawberries and less maple syrup and strawberry jam!

Strawberry Brown Rice!

Brown rice, cooked and cold

Strawberries, fresh and ripe, around 10

Tofu, fresh (not too firm), half package

Oat milk, just a little to moisture

Maple syrup, just a little to sweeten (optional)

Strawberry jam, just a little to sweeten (optional)


1. Cook the brown rice the day before. Let cool in the refrigerator.

2. Blend ripe strawberries, strawberry jam, maple syrup, oat milk and soft tofu in a blender until creamy.

3. Add creamy strawberry mixture to brown rice, and mix well.

4. Serve with berries and maybe fresh herbs, or eat as it is!

I ate this for several days… Just pre-cooked a LOT of brown rice…!