Foodhack of today: potatoes roasted in vegetable broth! No oil, WFPB, HCLF

You can make delicious oven-roasted potatoes without oil or fat by baking them with a little fat-free vegetable stock in the bottom of the pan! I use a vegetable stock without fat and without onions or garlic (but with delicious white wine!). 

Turn the potatoes a few times. They are ready when soft inside, and the skin is golden brown!

At the end I threw in a slice of plain tofu in the remaining stock, just for a few minutes on each side.

The ketchup is made by stirring out some tomato purée with mirin. The kale is steamed.

Wow! What a dish!

Before. A thin layer of vegetable stock in the bottom. Turn the potatoes a few times when baking, to get that salty taste on the all sides of the skin.

Done! Almost no stock left, and the potatoes are golden brown (well, a few of them at least)! I threw in the tofu for a few minutes at the ending, to absorp a little stock on both sides.

Finally, I used the remaining broth as a sauce/gravy! Mmmm….! MMMM!

I am thinking a lot about what to do with this blog. I have re-introduced quite many FODMAPs, so my way of eating isn´t really LOW in fodmaps anymore, it´s more like moderate fodmaps. You might have noticed the re-occuring black beans for an instance. I have also been able to re-introduce a few fruits, like mangoes, and a few wholegrain wheat, barley and rye products (like swedish “knäckebröd” and “finn crisp”). 

As a result, I blog less and less, since all the recipes I try out is higher in FODMAPs than appropriate for the blog´s theme. I don´t really know where to take it. I don´t want to blog too many recipes with moderate fodmap content, since I don´t want to confuse my audience.

Maybe I should change the theme of the blog, as well as the name? Making it just a regular Whole Foods Plant Based blog? Would my readers drop of? I don´t know.

At the same time I think the theme of my blog, containing a WFPB diet with a low FODMAP diet is quite unique. Hmmm…

All input is very welcome!