Texas style chili sin carne! Low fodmaps HCLF version.


I read about “Texas Style REAL Chili con Carne”, the original recipe for chili con carne that people ate in the prisons where the dish was invented. It shouldn’t contain tomatoes, onions and beans – but five different kinds of chili peppers, and beer as the sauce base.


And that’s not all to this! I also decided to try to make it low FODMAPs since I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). And low fat, since I believe in the health benefits of the WFPB/HCLF lifestyle.

About the FODMAPs, I suspect this dish might be too strong to be tolerable by IBS bellies anyway, although it does not contain any specific high FODMAP-containing ingredients. Even so, if you want to eat a vegan texas style chili sin carne, and have IBS, I believe this might be the least triggering version of the dish you can eat.

The chili should contain five different kinds of chili peppers, to reach a balanced heat. For my vegan version, I chose seitan as meat substitute.

Veganized Texas Style Chili – low FODMAPs-approved

Home-made seitan dough
Home-made vegetable broth (made of vegetables low in FODMAPs)
Nutritional yeast
Dried ancho chili
Dried guajillo chili
Dried chipotle chili
Red chili pepper
Canned jalapenos
Red bell peppers
Green bell peppers
Leek, green part
Bay leaves

To serve:
Low FODMAPs-approved bread, or home-made corn tortillas


Let the dried chipotle, ancho and guajillo simmer for 15 minutes in water. Then rinse the seeds, and cut it in small chunks together with the canned jalapenos, the fresh red chili peppers, the green part of the leek, and the green and red bell peppers.


Add everything to a large cooking pan. Together, this vegetable mix will look like above.

Make your seitan. Combine seitan flour and water, and kneed to make long seitan threads. Done well, it will give your seitan a meaty texture.

Cook a lot of water to a heat, and pinch small chunks of your seitan dough with your fingers, and let them boil in the water until the chunks raises to the surface.


Remove the seitan chunks from the boiling water. Add them to the chili mix in the other pan. Add just a little beer, and “fry” everything a bit on medium temperature. If it sticks, add a little more beer. Then add all the beer together with your FODMAPs-approved vegetable broth, bay leaves, sugar and nutritional yeast, and then cook for one hour at least.


Taste, and add additional spices to taste. Maybe it lacks umami, then you want to add more nutritional yeast or more broth? Maybe you want it a bit sweeter – add some more sugar.

Serve with a FODMAPs-approved bread (maybe spelt sourdough), or home-made low fat corn tortillas.



If your belly can’t handle this – it’s not the FODMAPs – it’s the heat!!