Kombu-dashi stock, for your wholefood plant-based stir-fry!


One of the best ways of raising the flavours of your vegetables above heaven is to do a stir-fry based on kombu-dashi, tamari, mirin and maple syrup. Kombu-dashi is a stock made of the seaweed kelp (japanese: kombu).

Take a little kombu, and store in a jar of water overnight. Then you have a mild version of dashi. Or bring water with kombu to a boil slowly ( lowest heat ), but remove the kombu before the water actually begins to boil. If you boil it, it will taste bad. Then store the stock in a jar.

You can use it for soup and stir-fry. When you want to make a no-oil low fat stir-fry, you can just fry your vegetables in a little kombu water in a non-stick pan, instead of oil. When the vegetables start to brown, add a little tamari and maple syrup and maybe some mirin. When the vegetables have absorbed most of the liquids, take a small glass of kombu-dashi and stir out some arrowroot in it, and then add to the pan, and you will have slightly thick water-coloured tasty sauce!


This is also a great way of adding flavours to a stir-fry and yet keep the dish low in FODMAPs!