Stuffed vegetables with no-oil potato wedges! (Wholefoods plant-based, high carb low fat, low fodmaps)


I felt like doing something more interesting with my vegetables, so I decided to stuff them with a stew based on lentil, millet, tomatoes and eggplant! I limited the dried red lentils according to the low FODMAPs lists, preventing IBS gut symptoms. All other ingredients is pure low FODMAPs. And not only so! They are low fat, wholefoods and plant-based as well!


To the side I served no-oil potato wedges with a smokey chili sauce that is actually the strained liquids from the lentil stew. I could actually eat this side dish as a main course as well! Do you need more than potato wedges and a delicious sauce?


As the stew contained eggplant, I stuffed the eggplants as well. The other stuffed vegetables was bell peppers and tomatoes.

Stuffed vegetables

Bell peppers

Slice the eggplant in two halves. Cut out the flesh from the eggplants, spare the flesh and set aside. Cut the top of the tomatoes and cut out the pulp and set it aside. Cut the top of the bell peppers, and remove the inside. Fill the vegetables with the stew.

Smokey lentil stew

Red lentils
Tomatoes, fresh (inside)
Tomatoes, canned
Eggplant (inside)
Maple syrup
Smoked paprika
Bay leaves
Black, white and rose pepper
Nutritional yeast
Chili seasonings, like dried ancho chili
Cumin, grounded

Cook the lentils and millet in water until soft. Remove excess water, and add all ingredients. Cook for a while. I have no accurate amounts of how much ingredients to add since I’m always cooking “to taste”, but I would go for enough maple syrup to sweeten the tomato sauce, enough smoked paprika to make it smokey, and enough chili seasonings and cumin to make it taste somewhat like a chili dish. Cook together! Strain the sauce, separating the liquids from the stew. Fill the vegetables with the stew and use the strained sauce as dipping for the potato wedges!

No-oil potato wedges

White pepper
Black pepper
Nutritional yeast
Bay leaves

Cut potatoes into wedges. Cook in oven, with a little seasoned water – like a broth, but you can just whisk together the spices and the herbs right into the water in the bottom of a pan, and then add the potatoes. The “broth” should cover the bottom of the pan, but not cover the potatoes. Bake in the oven until the potatoes are soft and lightly golden. You can turn the wedges every now and then while baking them, making sure they get some liquid on all sides during the baking. The spices and herbs will stick to the potatoes, and it will taste wonderful!

Hope you like it!