Continuing the comfort foods: vegan, low fodmaps millet porridge!


Trying out the low FODMAPs diet to treat your Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and missing your big portions of oatmeal? Millet porridge might be one of several low FODMAP alternatives.

Yes, you can eat oats on a low FODMAPs diet, but just around 1/4 cup. That’s not much of an oatmeal for you. What you can do is adding low FODMAP grains to your oatmeal, making it a breakfast meal centered mostly around another grain.

The reason to limit your oats on a low FODMAPs diet is the same as for wheat, barley and rye. And that is NOT the gluten!! The low FODMAPs diet is not a gluten-free diet, it’s actually a diet low in FODMAPs – and two of the FODMAP short-chain sugars to be found in oats is oligo-fructans and galacto-oligosaccharides. They ferment in the bowel which will produce excess gas in some IBS patients, causing bloating and sometimes constipation (IBS-c) – in other patients the fermenting of the FODMAPs causes increased delivery of water to the bowel through an osmotic effect, causing diarrhea (IBS-d). In some patients (IBS-a) you can see both reactions to the FODMAPs.

Wheat, rye and barley contains a lot of oligos, while oats contains not as much, but enough to be limited on a low FODMAPs diet. This could of course “mask” as gluten sensitivity, making people to approach a gluten-free diet to treat their IBS. And for many people it works, and that is fine. But it’s not the gluten. It’s the FODMAPs.

Why does it matter when you in both cases benefit from eating gluten-free alternatives like corn pasta or rice noodles instead of your standard wheat foods? It matters because it’s unnessecary to avoid foods that contains gluten but is low in FODMAPs, like sourdough spealt bread, clean seitan (without onion, garlic, soy fibers and other FODMAPs) and regular non-cleaned oats.

I could rant about this forever, but let’s get to the recipe! Millet is a fine low fodmap alternative when you limit your oats, and with not more than 1 dl blueberries to top your porridge, and with rice milk instead of soy milk – this is a perfect comfort food for you!

Millet oatmeal (vegan, low fodmap, low fat, high carb)

1/4 cup oats
1 cup millet flakes
4 cup water or rice milk
Cardamom and cinnamon to taste
Salt, to taste
1 dl blueberries
Maple syrup

Boil the oats, millet and spices in the water or rice milk, until you get a porridge. Serve with rice milk, maple syrup and blueberries!