A low fodmaps LENTIL burger with no-oil potato wedges! (Hclf)


Is it possible yo make a lentil burger that is low in FODMAPs?
It seems so.

According to my low fodmaps dietician, canned lentils is lower in fodmaps than cooked lentils, and lentils are lower in fodmaps than beans. The reason why lentils are lower in fodmaps than beans might be that they are smaller, and since fodmaps is water soluble – more fodmaps leaves the lentils with the water when you cook them. Or rather, less fodmaps are left inside.

And why is canned better than cooking them yourself? Because in the can, water surrounds the lentils for such a long time that even more fodmaps comes out in the water. That’s why the water is so sticky. And when you rinse the canned lentils in water, most of the fodmaps are flushed away.

Though, I don’t really appreciate canned lentils as much as cooked. They have a quite boring taste. So what to do with them? I really craved legumes today, but wasn’t too thrilled to get a bloated belly…

Then I came up with this idea! I could make burgers out of the boring canned lentils, making them interesting with a lot of seasonings – and crispy in the oven.

I decided to serve them with oven-baked no-oil potato wedges, and a sweet tomato sauce as contrast to the spicy burgers. I learned how to bake potato wedges with broth instead of oil on Gluten-Free-Vegan-Girl’s blog, and the flavour of those potatoes is almost divine…!

Since most broths contain garlic and onions which are high in FODMAPs, I always make my own broth, with the spices I like.

Low FODMAP lentil burgers with oil-free potato wedges and sweet tomato sauce

Lentil burgers

Canned lentils (not cooked!), 1pkg
Chives, a handful
Red bell pepper, one small
Chia seeds
Nutritional yeast
Black, white and rose pepper
Mint, dried
Cilantro, dried
Smoked paprika
Liquid smoke, 1 tsp
A little lemon juice
A little white wine vinegar
Chili powder

All spices are “to taste”. The most important thing is to have enough salt and tamari, or it will taste bland.

Chop the chives and bellpepper very fine, and add to the lentils and all the spices and seasoning. Let 2 tbsp chia seeds turn jelly-like in 1/2 cup water. It might take ten minutes, stir occasionally. Add the gel-ish seeds to the lentil-dough, and mix well with a fork. Shape into burgers, and bake in the oven until crispy on the outside, yet lightly creamy on the inside…

No-oil baked potato wedges

Cut potatoes into wedges, and bake in the oven with broth instead of oil! You can have just a little broth in the bottom of the pan, and add continously over the potatoes when you bake them. Make sure the potatoes doesn’t stick to the pan.

Since most broth contains onions and oter FODMAPs, you could make your own broth.

When I am short of time or lazy I just cook bay leaves in water, and add thyme and other herbs, and nutritional yeast for that umami flavour. It’s better to also add like different kinds of root vegetables into the broth though, but it’s much more time-consuming.

Sweet tomato sauce

Canned tomatoes, no added flavours
Maple syrup

…and nothing more! Just add enough maple syrup to the tomatoes, and a little mirin, and let simmer until thick.

(Easy, and delicious – tastes almost like chinese sweet&sour-sauce!)

I don’t add salt to the sauce, since it a lot of salt in both the burgers and potatoes, and that makes a nice contrast. I like contrasting flavours.

It was quite delicious, and when I thought it couldn’t be better – a friend of mine offered me a yummy vegan sweet treat as a dessert… Chocolate cake with strawberries!

(Too bad it was neither wheat-free, sugar-free or oil-free, but I had just a little square! Hope my belly can handle it!)