Vegan low fodmaps comfort food: baked potato with sweet tomato sauce!

Today I’m writing about easy-to-prepare vegan low FODMAPs comfort food! This time I will take the stance that potatoes are from heaven! Well, they might actually be from the earth, but I hope you get the picture I want to paint for you… ūüôā


Potatoes. According to dr John mcDougall, all succesful populations through history has lived on a mainly starch-based diet. I don’t really know what he means by “succesful” – I hope it doesn’t have to do with war, as I’m a pacifist. Nevertheless, the studies he refers to when it comes to nutrition seem to be of great scientific value.

To prevent disease, mcDougall recommends a plant-based diet – mainly based on starch – minimally processed (wholefoods), with a little greens on the side – and no animal foods or vegetable oils. This dish is a typical mcDougall dish from what I can see!

And it’s a comfort food! It almost makes itself ready while you do other things! You bake the potato in the oven for an hour, and you make the sauce the last five minutes.

When it comes to the FODMAPs, which is one of the two main themes of this blog; low FODMAPs and veganism combined – the only thing you need to make sure of is to limit your broccoli, and not choosing seasoned tomatoes with garlic in it. Go for the pure canned tomatoes.

Broccoli should be limited to 50g / serving.

The reason for the maple syrup is that I want the tomato sauce to be sweet. I add no salt to it, instead I sprinkle some sea salt on top of the dish, to make a nice contrast between the sweet tomato sauce and the salty flakes.

FODMAPS-approved Baked Potato vegan style!
~ with a sweet tomato sauce ~

1 medium sized or large baked potato
50 g broccoli
Canned tomatoes, just enough for your potato (maybe a cup or two)
1-2 tbs maple syrup
Nutritional yeast
White or black pepper, not too much
Paprika, not too much
Seasalt, to add on top
Optional: a bay leaf
Optional: 2-5 almonds to garnish

1. Bake your potato in the oven, for an hour or until it feels ready. You can also use a microwave oven if you are short of time (although the nutritional value might decrease).

2. The last five minutes, cook your sauce. Combine canned tomatoes, maple syrup, nutritional yeast, thyme, white or black pepper and paprika in a cooking pan, boil to a heat, and let simmer for a few minutes.

3. Steam 50g broccoli for five minutes, or cook in water. It’s nice if there’s a little bit of crunchiness left in them when they’re ready.

4. Serve and eat with the sauce on top of the potato! You can also add a little seasalt on top, which makes a nice contrast to the sweet saltless tomato sauce!

I always eat the skin of the potato, as I believe in the whole foods claim that there’s a lot of nutritional value in the skin!