Low fodmap vegan tortilla dinner!


In Sweden there is a term called “fredagsmys” which roughly translates to “Friday’s Coziness” – a term referring to a pretty new-founded Swedish tradition of eating tacos or tortillas watching television with your family on fridays. Since I’m a vegan with IBS I decided to take on the quest of making a low fodmaps vegan version of the tradition!


The taco meat is inspired by the raw food taco meat at Matapoteket Mainly Raw (which I like consider the greatest restaurant in Universe)! Neither the salsa, nor the taco shells are raw, but it’s of course vegan – and low fodmaps! The salsa follows dietician Sofia Antonsson’s low fodmaps recipe (a little modified), which means there is no onions or other high fodmap foods in it.


Taco meat:

Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Taco seasonings (cumin, oregano, paprika, chili powder, ancho-style chili powder, chili flakes)

1. Crush the nuts and seeds, by hand, or carefully in a food processor (you don’t want to mix the nuts too fine, it should be like mince)

2. Do the same to the chives, and add!

3. Add the seasonings and tamari, stir – and taste! It should be a little too salt and a little too hot when done, then it will be perfect when the nuts have absorbed the tamari with the seasonings in a few hours.

4. Keep it in the fridge for a few hours – one or two – while the minced nuts absorb the tamari sauce with the added taco flavours.


Tomato salsa

Crushed tomatoes
Green chili
Balsamic vinegar
Maple syrup

1. Fry one chopped green chili in very little oil (since fat is an IBS trigger!).

2. Add one can of tomatoes, a little balsamic vinegar and maple syrup (which I use instead of sugar), and cook until it thickens. Add salt, and crushed jalapeno.

3. Keep it in the fridge until desired temperature.


Serve with gluten-free low fodmaps-approved tortillas, or your usual taco shells – and of course your favourite low fodmap vegetables!

Next “Fredagsmys” I will attempt an entirely raw version!