Low FODMaP fishless “fish gratin” – whole foods plant based with tofu!

   I noticed that Fish Gratin is a re-occurent low FODMAPs recipe. But never vegan of course. I decided to veganize it, and base it on mostly whole foods. The mashed potatoes are… Continue reading

Strawberry Brown Rice!

   I think I´ve invented a breakfast dish! Creamy “strawberried” brown rice! Tasty, yummie, sweet, mild…! It is important to choose a softer kind of firm tofu for this recipe. The dryer ones… Continue reading

Tempeh, sweet potatoes and vegetables! Low FODMaPs plant-based dish!

  This is really easy! Steam some tempeh in fifteen minutes, boil 1/4 cup sweet potatoes, haricot vertes and red bell pepper until tender, and serve with herbs, tomatoes and bean sprouts! To spice… Continue reading

Zaru soba with tempeh! (Buckwheat noodles with cold dip sauce and tempeh – vegan, high carb, low fat, whole foods, plant based, low fodmaps)

   This cold noodle dish from Japan is just wonderful! And even better – if you have IBS you can keep it low in FODMAPs! Basically I boil some soba noodles from 100%… Continue reading

Foodhack of today: potatoes roasted in vegetable broth! No oil, WFPB, HCLF

You can make delicious oven-roasted potatoes without oil or fat by baking them with a little fat-free vegetable stock in the bottom of the pan! I use a vegetable stock without fat and… Continue reading

Sweet and white potato gratin with creamy sundried tomato pesto sauce!

Wow! Just: wow! This is amazing! I think I made up an entire dish in my head! This is a low fodmap, low fat, high carb, whole foods, plant based gratin made with… Continue reading

Szechuan pepper stir-fry with baked tofu and toasted sesame seeds! WFPB HCLF No Oil Low Fodmaps version

Yummie mummie! What a stir-fry! And with no FODMAPs and no oil! This is a whole foods, plant based stir-fry with baked tofu! Vegan and cruelty-free as a consequence! First thing: BAKING my… Continue reading

Texas style chili sin carne! Low fodmaps HCLF version.

I read about “Texas Style REAL Chili con Carne”, the original recipe for chili con carne that people ate in the prisons where the dish was invented. It shouldn’t contain tomatoes, onions and… Continue reading

Kombu-dashi stock, for your wholefood plant-based stir-fry!

One of the best ways of raising the flavours of your vegetables above heaven is to do a stir-fry based on kombu-dashi, tamari, mirin and maple syrup. Kombu-dashi is a stock made of… Continue reading

Stuffed vegetables with no-oil potato wedges! (Wholefoods plant-based, high carb low fat, low fodmaps)

I felt like doing something more interesting with my vegetables, so I decided to stuff them with a stew based on lentil, millet, tomatoes and eggplant! I limited the dried red lentils according… Continue reading

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